Our Technology

We use the latest technology to offer effective solutions

With foot and back pain, many people make an incorrect self-diagnosis. Be kind to yourself and see a specialist for an evaluation. It is best to address an issue before it worsens or becomes chronic. The Doctors of Podiatric Medicine at our clinic use the latest technology in the field to offer simple and effective solutions for foot-related pain that can have a major impact on your quality of life. They will perform a complete evaluation, diagnose the problem and provide a range of treatment options.

The Orleans Dynamic Foot Clinic is the first clinic in Ontario to use CryoVizion technology which has proven its effectiveness over the past 10 years in Quebec. The CryoVizion digital imaging system “visualizes” the feet and body to reveal posture imbalances related to a patient’s foot alignment. A 3D scan is then taken and sent to a special facility where the custom orthotics are made. Scans are kept on file for future reference and result assessment. CryoVizion is an advanced and non-invasive diagnostic tool that provides a deeper understanding of a patient’s lower body and allows us to create an optimized fit for your orthotics.

Another tool we offer our clients is Theralase cold laser therapy. It is an extremely effective, non-invasive treatment for pain and inflammation that helps stimulate healing and tissue regeneration.

We also offer X-rays to identify and diagnose foot problems.